Maxi Liner L 8900 BM-MB
210 CV

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Chassis optional accessories:

  • 12 V towing socket, 13-pole CEE accessories
  • Iveco dashboard MaXi-Liner Vanilla BICOLOR 
  • 72 C 18 chassis version instead of 65 C 18
  • 210 CV motor instead of 180 CV, automatic transmission combined
  • 170 ltr Diesel fuel tank
  • Differential lock
  • Full air suspension (front / rear axle)  Iveco Daily Liner Chassis
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Aluminium rims

  Deluxe package comprising:

  • Metallic silver-grey paint
  • Automatic gearbox
  • VA  alloy rims+ HA wheel caps
  • Leather upholsteredl

Optional Electrical Accessories:

  • " Li-Power " power pack ( Iveco Daily ) with 2 x 210 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery ( total 420 Ah ) instead of 1 x 210 Ah gel battery, with inverter 12V / 230 V sine wave continuous AC power supply 3000 W and remote control.
  • Alarm system with infrared sensor in cab and reed contacts on doors and double floor doors and gates
  • Multimedia 7" touch screen with radio + reversing camera + navigation system (31 EU countries), Bluetooth hands-free, incl. dual colour camera, route calculation taking into account length, width, weight. Integrated camp sites and parking spaces
  • CD / MP3 radio sound system in saloon, amplifier, 4 integrated speakers and subwoofer
  • Oyster Vision V 85° automatic satellite antenna
  • 195 l compressor fridge with 44 l freezer instead of 118 l
  • Front/rear LED backlighting/backlighting (corner lights)
  • Electric television in the passenger's side upper cabinet, for 32" Led tv
  • 32" LED flatscreen with integrated receiver, DVD player and CI slot
  • 22" LED flat screen with integrated receiver, DVD player and CI slot in the room
  • Electric coffee tray with 230V socket and filter coffee machine
  • LED light bar in glass cabinet (large), blue illumination
  • DVB-TDT terrestrial antenna with connection to both TV sets

Optional Furniture:

  • Furniture in Steineiche decoration
  • Luxury marble interior design stylX
  • All loft top flaps in living room, incl. BordControl in glossy maple
  • All top flaps of the bedroom cabinet in glossy maple
  • All wall cupboards in the kitchen in glossy maple
  • All kitchen base cabinets in gloss white
  • Refrigerator/cabinet combination in gloss maple
  • All fronts in the bathroom in gloss maple
  • HEKI 3 trim with 4 LED spotlights and dimmer above the living area
  • HEKI 3 trim with 4 LED spotlights and dimmer above the back bed
  • Glass cabinet in the kitchen (for the electric coffee machine tray)
  • Glass cabinet with 4 glass shelves and 16 glasses.
  • Electric tilting bed size 1200 x 2000 mm, with Mini Heki skylight
  • Extendable tilting bed up to 1400 mm wide
  • Sliding doors in opposite directions between bathroom and rear bed.
  • Folding lounge table to make a lounge bed
  • Raised refrigerator, including an additional drawer




LayoutCentral bed
MotorIveco Daily 70C21 - 210 CV
Homologated Seats4
Sleep Seats4
Length9050 mm.
Width2350 mm.
Height3340 mm.
Maximum authorized weight7200 kg.

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