Publication date: 2022, May 23

Are you one of those who plan every last detail when you travel? Or maybe you are one of those who improvise as you go along?

If you're one of the former, you'll like this blog post; and if you're one of the latter, you should at least pay attention to the first part of this one, as you'll avoid a lot of problems.


It is clear that if you are into caravanning it is because you enjoy going out, alone or with your family, with your caravan, camper or motorhome.

It is possible that you have been in this world for a long time, or maybe you are one of the last ones to arrive; either way it is useful to remember or learn certain things that will be very useful when it comes to starting off on the right foot on your outings; and to avoid any "surprises" that may ruin the moment.

That's why we share with you here a list of things you should check and do before starting any of your trips.

We have reduced it to 10 steps, but depending on the vehicle you have, the list will be shortened or lengthened a little:

1- Antenna or satellite dish lowered.

2.- Windows, skylights, doors and all other openings tightly closed.

3.- Step securely folded or stowed away.

4.- Check tyre pressure.

5.- Check gas bottles and if they are leaking, close them (especially if there is no non-return valve).

6.- Fill the water tank and check that the pump is working. 

7.- Check the charge and condition of the battery(ies).

8.- Check the lights

9.- All cupboards, interior doors and fridge securely closed and items secure.

10.- Check electrical appliances.


Last but not least, we recommend that you make sure that the accessories you choose are suitable for your make of vehicle to ensure a perfect fit.


If you are one of those who improvise, this part may not interest you. But it never hurts to know something about how to plan your route.

  • Plan the general route: where is your final destination, what places along the way do you want to see?

  • Book stays in campgrounds or car parks. Read the reviews on their website, make sure they allow vehicles in your class and size. Make reservations - it's better to plan ahead than to have to frantically search for a place to sleep. The most popular places are also the busiest, especially in high season

  • Locate some possible stops along the way as a last resort. Some chain shops or service stations allow overnight parking for caravans and motorhomes. Locate a couple of them along your planned route in case you don't make it to your planned stop in time.

  • If you have a caravan, plan your route around the battery. Electricity is not unlimited in a caravan. You should plan your route strategically, making sure you have enough power before you get to the next electrical outlet to charge the battery. If you practice boondocking (staying in a place without electricity) save on energy consumption.
  • Plan your route according to the water supply: similar to electricity, but in this case we also include campervans and motorhomes. You will need to find campsites that allow you to dump your waste and fill up your clean water tank. Plan your route so that you have enough water between sites that offer these services. Don't waste too much water in the showers either.
  • Use an app. There are many online caravan trip planners to help you determine a good route. In previous blog posts we told you about one of them, Park4night, and explained in detail how to use it. If you want to check it out, here is the link: https://www.caravanascruz.es/es/blog/58-park4night

We hope all this helps you, and that you can enjoy your next outings without a hitch.

See you out there!

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