ASEICAR health protocol

Publicado el 21 de Mayo de 2020

The Spanish Association of Caravanning Industry and Commerce (ASEICAR), aware that the sector is emerging as the great summer holiday alternative, has drawn up a health and social protocol to combat COVID19 . This protocol came into operation on the 11th of this year in its establishments and member companies and is applied in their own facilities, employees, customers and all types of vehicles for sale or hire.

All hygiene and health products used in any phase of this protocol have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

Click HERE to see ASEICAR's sanitary protocol

All the caravanning establishments associated to ASEICAR and that have adhered to the mentioned protocol, will be able to use the CARAVANING ANTI COVID seal as a guarantee that the company complies with this protocol of maximum guarantee of hygiene and safety. This seal, of commercial character, guarantees that all the associates adhere to the use of the protocol by means of a declaration of commitment signed.In this way, all customers will receive the maximum guarantee of safety in their purchased, rented or repaired vehicles.

The application of this protocol is independent of the phase in which the establishment is opened, which may be in some provinces on the 11th while others will be incorporated successively.

For José Manuel Jurado, President of ASEICAR, "this health protocol is designed to guarantee the health and safety of all our employees and, of course, our customers. Now that our companies have reopened, it is essential that customers can purchase or rent any motorhome, camper or caravan with the peace of mind of taking a perfectly sanitized vehicle, from its manufacture to the exit of our establishment. Only our seal CARAVANING ANTI COVID guarantees that maximum health security and the distinctive ANTI COVID will find the customers in the associated companies adhering to the protocol. Now and in view of this health alert, the risk of renting a motorhome to a private individual can also be a health problem.


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